The Top 10 Crain Construction Articles & Insights from 2022

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2022 marked our 89th year as a commercial contractor in Nashville. We’re proud of our roots here, and we also recognize the exciting opportunities created by Nashville’s growth in recent years. The need for quality craftsmanship, relationships built around honesty and integrity, and a commitment to serve have never been more important in our industry. 

At Crain, we’ve worked hard to maintain our commitment to building relationships and structures that last a lifetime while embracing the changes and innovation that come with growth. For example, as we worked to launch a new website this year, we wanted it to be a resource for clients and other commercial developers. We shared industry insights and proven best practices throughout the year. We also began highlighting our people—the men and women who make Crain one of the best contractors in Middle Tennessee.

The Top 10 Crain Construction Articles & Insights from 2022

As we wrap up the year, here are our top ten articles from 2022. We hope these offer a few helpful tips and allow you to see what makes Crain Construction such a special company:

1. Project Spotlight: Nashville Ferrari Dealership

For many of our team members, the Ferrari Dealership was our hallmark project of the year. It was an honor to work on such an iconic project. Additionally, our team worked incredibly hard to navigate supply chain and shipping issues to source materials from around the world. 

This article provides a behind-the-scenes look at the project that officially opened its doors in the fall of 2022.

2. Executive Spotlight: An Interview With Michael Rankin, President Of Crain Construction

Leading a commercial construction company through the various challenges in our industry is not an easy task. Thankfully, President Michael Crain is not an ordinary leader. Recently recognized as one of Nashville’s Most Admired CEOs, Michael has invested more than three decades in making Crain a company that can take pride in its reputation. 

This article provides a more personal look into Michael’s career and what truly motivates him to make a difference in the lives of so many people.  

3. Spotlight: An Interview With Alex Ward, Superintendent At Crain Construction

Superintendent Alex Ward is another exemplary member of our team. Alex is currently helping to lead our BNA expansion and Hilton hotel project. While the location of this project makes it high-profile, it’s also provided an opportunity for innovative problem-solving for Alex and his team. 

This article shares an inside look at how Alex has led his team and approaches every day with a zest for life. 

4. How Our Core Values Inform Every Project

Everyone knows that a building is only as strong as its foundation. For Crain, our values are the foundation of our company—passed down from generation to generation for the past nine decades. 

This article highlights our core values and how we incorporate them into the hundreds of decisions and interactions we face each day. 

5. Considering A Job In Construction? Here’s What It’s Like To Work At Crain

As Crain Construction continues to grow in our ability to serve clients in Nashville and across the Southeast, we’re always looking for creative and talented people to join our team. We want to ensure we hire the right people because we recognize the impact each individual has on the people they work with every day.

This article describes what it’s like to work at Crain and the culture that makes our firm unique. 

6. Executive Spotlight: An Interview With Frank Wilk, Vice President Of Operations At Crain Construction

If there’s one person who prioritizes treating people like family, it’s Frank Wilk. A part of the Crain team since 1996, Frank now serves as Vice President of Operations, a role he enjoys because it gives him a chance to plan, direct, and execute many of our most significant projects.

This article provides a glimpse into Frank’s career. It also explains why he is such a strong believer in warm interactions, building strong working relationships, and taking care of people as if they were family.

7. Navigating Nashville’s Commercial Construction Growth: Technology & Trends

Nashville has grown rapidly in recent years. While this growth has provided significant opportunities for our city, it’s also created new challenges for building owners and contractors to navigate. Because of our history and experience in Nashville, we know what it takes to develop a successful commercial project in our city. 

This article provides some best practices and innovative ideas we consider when helping our clients navigate Nashville’s commercial construction landscape. 

8. Lessons Learned From Decades Of Commercial Construction Experience In Nashville

There are certain things you only know from decades of experience. This is definitely true when it comes to commercial construction. While Nashville has experienced tremendous growth in recent years, the values that our friendly, people-oriented city holds are still important to consider. The relationships we’ve developed with subcontractors and city officials have made a tremendous difference in our ability to go above and beyond for our clients.

This article details the important lessons we’ve learned over the past 89 years to maximize the success of any project.  

9.3 Keys To A Successful Relationship Between Architects And Contractors

At Crain, we believe that relationships matter—including our partnership with architects. A positive and collaborative relationship between architects and contractors can significantly impact the overall success of a project—especially for innovative or complex commercial construction. 

This article explains how we approach our work with architects to minimize potential roadblocks and efficiently move a project from one phase to the next. 

10. Pre-Construction: How We Build A Solid Foundation For Projects

One variable that sets Crain apart is our ability to set a project up for success before the first shovel ever breaks ground. This is done through the hard work and creative problem-solving of our pre-construction department. Our team is constantly learning new techniques, asking better questions, and applying best practices in order to help our clients optimize the success of their projects.

This article describes the specific ways our pre-construction team works alongside clients, engineers, and architects to set the project up before it even starts.

Looking for a Partner for Your Next Commercial Construction Project?

As we approach our 90th anniversary, we are more committed than ever to upholding the values that drive our work and working alongside partners who share the same mindset. We are proud of the innovative way our team is serving clients and shaping the area. If you want to learn more about our approach or discuss an upcoming project, connect with our team today.

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