Executive Spotlight: An Interview with Frank Wilk, Vice President of Operations at Crain Construction

Frank Wilk

Like many people who work in construction, Frank Wilk isn’t content to simply sit on the sidelines. Instead, he wants to be in the middle of the action, using his formidable training and skills to build something new. A part of the Crain team since 1996, Frank now serves as Vice President of Operations, a role he enjoys because it gives him a chance to plan, direct, and execute many of the firm’s most significant projects. While most people are content to simply walk into a building, Frank wants to understand how it was designed, how it was constructed, and how he could improve upon that process.

“I enjoy building things. I enjoy having something tangible when you finish, something you can touch.”  

Frank comes by that passion honestly. Engineering and building are also part of his family heritage, so he’s very familiar with the construction industry on all sides of the table. 

“My family background has always been in construction. My father was a contractor, along with my grandfather and my uncle. I always worked in construction throughout high school in the summers, and I really enjoyed that.” 

His experience on countless job sites has made Frank a strong believer in warm interactions, building strong relationships, and taking care of people as if they were family. This philosophy, along with his uncanny ability to put together a detailed schedule and sequence a project, has established Frank as a trusted leader and advisor for his clients and his coworkers. 

“The most satisfying part of my job is finishing a project and seeing the owner getting ready to move into it. Seeing a building be used in the way it was designed to be used is always the most rewarding part to me— just being able to drive by and say, ‘We built that.’” 

Outside of work, Frank is active with the The Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) and he is a Deacon at his church, First Presbyterian Church in Nashville.  Whenever he can, Frank enjoys visiting Knoxville, TN and spending time with his two sons who attend the University of Tennessee. After hours, he enjoys playing tennis, hunting, working on the family farm and watching sports.  Frank’s warmth, intelligence and focus are evident in any conversation with him, and his long career at Crain is a testament to his character and many talents. 

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