Pre-Construction: How We Build a Solid Foundation for Projects

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Construction is a complex business. There are hundreds of factors that impact whether or not your project is a success. In the past, these factors were primarily decided during the planning and design phases and given to contractors to complete. However, these plans were often designed over budget or didn’t take into account constructability factors based on the unique job site. In recent years, pre-construction has been a way to prevent these issues and allows contractors to work alongside owners and designers during the preliminary planning and engineering phases.


The Critical Role of Pre-Construction in Commercial Construction

One of the things we like to say at Crain is that our pre-construction team allows us to set the project up for success before the first shovel even hits the ground. While the practice has become more common in recent years, Crain has been invested in pre-construction services for nearly two decades. Our knowledge and experience in pre-construction make our approach unique and set us apart from other commercial contractors.

Our team is constantly learning new techniques, asking better questions, and applying best practices in order to help our clients optimize the success of their projects and navigate new challenges of commercial construction in Nashville and the surrounding area. For some of our more complex projects, our pre-construction team has worked alongside owners and designers for a year or two before any construction work started.


3 Ways our Pre-Construction Team Helps Build a Solid Foundation for Projects 

Here are three specific ways our pre-construction team works alongside owners, architects, and engineers to set the project up before it even starts. 

1. We learn as much as possible about the project, our clients’ stakeholders, and their goals. 

At Crain, we try to put ourselves in the other person’s shoes — including our clients, the architects who design the project, and our subcontractors. We want to understand their needs and goals. By getting involved early in the process, we’re able to better understand the perspectives and insights of all the key stakeholders. 

Having the opportunity to listen and learn during pre-construction creates multiple benefits for everyone involved. Understanding the overall goals of the client helps us plan and brainstorm different ideas to maximize the long-term impact of a project. While we may not have the specific expertise of an architect, getting involved in conversations during pre-construction allows us to listen and understand the design intent and be more accurate with our budgets. 

2. We collaborate to proactively address potential issues and maximize ROI.

After decades of experience in the industry, we know many of the obstacles and challenges that tend to create stumbling blocks and delays in a project. Our pre-construction team is able to take these factors into consideration and help develop a more streamlined plan to complete a project on time. This has become increasingly important as supply chain delays and escalation continue to impact the industry. 

3. We work to eliminate surprises related to project scope and budget on the front end. 

The pre-construction phase lays the foundation for a successful construction project and relies heavily on effective communication. Our pre-construction team works to eliminate any potential surprises by looking down the road, proactively collaborating with clients, architects, and internal project managers. Our pre-construction team gathers all the important information and provides stakeholders with a developed and accurate idea of the final scope of their project. 


Discover the Difference Our Team Can Make on Your Next Project

At Crain, everything we do is intended to help build structures and relationships that last a lifetime. Our pre-construction team plays a significant role in not only helping us optimize the building plan but also establishing a solid relationship with clients during the very first days of a project. 

Want to learn more about our process or have questions about your next project? Reach out to our team today.

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