Crain’s Unique Approach to Pre-Construction and Post-Construction

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Commercial construction projects all follow the same basic phases: planning and development, design, pre-construction, procurement, construction, and post-construction. More recently, it’s becoming an industry standard for contractors to get involved earlier, such as during the planning phase of the process. By providing insights on constructability and cost, they can prevent the need to go back to the drawing board.

While every general contractor follows a similar process, what makes Crain’s approach unique is how we approach project management. We keep our values in mind during every phase of the construction process. While we’re incredibly knowledgeable about the industry, we also have the capacity to translate that knowledge into actionable steps. We guide our clients through the construction process, giving them clear expectations and greater transparency about the project.


3 Ways We Embrace Our Values from Pre to Post-Construction

Here are four specific ways we integrate our value into every phase of the project management process, from pre-construction to post-construction: 

1. We collaborate during the pre-construction process to avoid delays and provide clients with the best end product. 

As a Nashville-based construction firm with decades of experience, we have extensive knowledge of local building codes. Our local knowledge and strong working relationships can often help expedite the pre-construction process.

We also embrace the idea of value engineering in every project we take on. While many contractors only consider how to cut costs, we care about helping our clients generate the most value out of the life of their building. Rather than solely focusing on immediate costs, we want to help our clients optimize the overall value of the project. 

2. We proactively anticipate, communicate, and coordinate with all stakeholders during procurement and construction.

As supply chain delays and escalation continue to impact the industry, our team works to proactively anticipate issues that might arise during a project. By getting involved in the process early, we’re able to plan the means and methods of a project and proactively coordinate with the appropriate stakeholders. For example, if we know we need to have early release packages on a specific product, we can focus on procuring it during the design phase so that we don’t create any additional delays during construction. 

3. We love learning new things and bringing people together to achieve what the client needs. 

Whether it’s figuring out how to navigate logistical delays of tight site urban development or overcoming procurement delays of materials sourced from around the world, we love finding clever solutions to challenges. This includes collaborating and learning from sub-contractors and other peers in the industry. We work together with subcontractors to meet our client’s needs.


We Are More than Project Managers. We Are Partners.

In every interaction, we try to put ourselves in the other person’s shoes. Whether we’re collaborating with architects and designers during pre-construction or coordinating with our sub-contractors during construction, we are always trying to view a project from every different perspective. We see ourselves as full partners in the process, rather than simply project managers. At all levels of our organization, we’re committed to providing an exceptional experience for all of our clients. 


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