Project Spotlight: Nashville Ferrari Dealership

Rendering of a Ferrari Dealership on a cloudy day

When it came time to select a Ferrari dealership contractor to help them construct the new state-of-the-art showroom in Nashville, Dream Motors Group found a powerful alignment with Crain Construction’s commitment to quality work. Ferrari has built a reputation on innovative design and ambitious craftsmanship, and those values are echoed at Crain.  

Crain Construction has partnered with Dream Motors Group to build a 43,000-square-foot showroom on a 14-acre site near the Nashville International Airport. Designed by Praxis 3 architects, the luxury car dealership will include a two-level showroom, a sales office, a lounge area, a cafe, and a service department with nine bays. It will be one of only sixty Ferrari dealerships in the world when it is completed in June of 2022. 

Project Features: Combining Quality, Beauty, & Innovation

Designed to emphasize Ferrari’s essence of luxury, innovation, and performance, the dealership will include several unique features that have made it an exciting project for the team at Crain. 

The two-story showroom will incorporate a structural glass floor system with an architectural bridge element which will create a truly unique experience for patrons. From the first floor, they will be able to look up to view the undercarriages of the vehicles parked above them.

A vehicle lift will also be installed to move cars to the second floor. This feature, paired with a glass-front façade, will create an eye-catching experience for travelers as they drive past the dealership.

The showroom’s large barrel-vaulted roof structure will also showcase high-end finishes that are sourced from around the globe, including tile and furnishings from Italy, specialty glass from Spain, and lighting features from France.

A Project and Partnership Built on a Passion for Excellence 

“One thing I’ll be most proud of for this project is the high-quality finishes and innovative interior the building will have. Our team worked hard to complete the innovative features and coordinate the installation of materials from around the world,” said Crain project manager, Jeff Kurzhal. “In many ways, it felt like we were building a museum where the cars are the art. That’s something I’ll always be proud to remember.” 

“We’re honored the owner is trusting us to construct a building that aligns with the Ferrari brand’s high standards and showcases the product with an equally elegant structure,” said Michael Rankin, President, and CEO of Crain Construction. “Personally, it’s been a thrill to see the iconic Prancing Horse and our Crain birds together on the sign marking the home of Ferrari in Nashville.”

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