Why Partnering with a Local Construction Company in Nashville Matters

Nashville construction site roped off with orange cones and caution tape.

As a Nashville-based construction company, we’ve had the privilege of completing thousands of commercial construction projects over the years. Whether it’s renovating Acme Feed & Seed, transforming the Mall at Green Hills, constructing a high-rise in Midtown, or building the newest Ferrari dealership, it brings us a sense of pride to drive around and see the projects we’ve completed.


Why Partnering with a Local Construction Company in Nashville Matters

While we recognize numerous factors to consider when hiring a contractor, we’ve found several advantages of having a local presence in Nashville. Whether you’re a local company or an out-of-state developer, here are a few unique benefits of partnering with a Nashville-based general contractor like Crain for your commercial construction project:

1. We know the area, regulations, and other critical factors that impact construction. 

As a local contractor, we are familiar with the advantages and challenges of construction projects across our community. While a large, national contractor will be familiar with federal and workplace regulations, they aren’t likely to be experts on the ins and outs of Nashville’s building codes. We’ve had experience navigating so many aspects of commercial construction over the years, including communicating effectively with the codes department or recognizing how environmental challenges might impact a construction project.

2. We have established relationships with trade partners, suppliers, and municipalities. 

Supply issues and labor shortages are two of the biggest challenges in our industry. As a local company, we’re able to learn from an extensive network of suppliers and trade partners to complete a project. At Crain, we believe that every relationship matters. Our relationship with trade partners is a core pillar supporting our reputation, projects, and the trust we’ve developed across the industry.

3. We have an established presence in Nashville and hold ourselves to the highest standard. 

Every commercial construction project impacts the reputations of multiple stakeholders—including the project owner, city officials who signed off on the project, and the general contractor. At Crain, we want residents to get excited when they see our two cranes on the fence screen. Because we live here, our team shares a responsibility to build things correctly, be involved in the community, and make Nashville a better place to live. Our mindset of “doing the right thing” compels us to approach our work with integrity, honesty, and responsibility and build structures we are proud to put our name on.  


Experience the Difference Crain Can Offer on Your Next Project 

As a Nashville-based commercial construction firm, we believe our reputation and the way we do business are the reasons we’re considered one of the best commercial contractors in Nashville. While our firm’s reputation is built on 90 years of experience in the industry, what most people don’t know is that our executive team has nearly three decades of experience working together in Nashville. Our entire executive team was born and raised in Nashville. We have all worked together as a team for more than 25 years. Nashville is our city. 

Tell us more about your project. Together, we can determine the next steps to help move your building from idea to reality.

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