Testimonials from Our Team: What Our Employees Love About Crain Construction

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At Crain Construction, we believe that our people are our greatest asset. That’s why we’re committed to creating a work environment where everyone feels valued and supported. Step onto any of our job sites, and you’ll immediately sense the camaraderie that permeates our culture. We offer our employees competitive salaries, benefits, and opportunities for professional development, and we truly care about one another on a personal level.  

In celebration of Careers in Construction Month, we’re excited to shine a spotlight on the heartbeat of our company—our incredible team members. We reached out to individuals from different departments and roles within our organization to gather their perspectives about why they love being a part of the Crain family. We hope that you’ll gain unique insights into the unparalleled culture we’ve fostered over the years through the eyes and voices of our dedicated team members.


Testimonials from Our Team

We recently surveyed our team to ask what makes Crain such a unique place. Here are a few of their responses: 

“I feel that Crain wholeheartedly understands that the culture and atmosphere created is a foundation for individual success. Success is contagious, and it gives a team and an organization the fuel to thrive based on each individual.”

– Alex Ward, Superintendent

“The overall culture has been inclusive, laid back, and open to teaching and sharing knowledge on projects. This has made the work environment and atmosphere nearly negligent when it comes to having undue work stress and pressure. I truly enjoy coming to work every day!” 

– Amanda Johnson, Preconstruction Manager

“I appreciate that the Crain team allows you to do your job without micro-managing every step. The support is there when needed, but there is trust that you are capable of doing the job you were hired to do and accountability within the team that you are performing at your best.”

– Jeff Kurzhal, Project Manager

“At Crain, they allow you to thrive, and you really feel like you’re part of a team with one goal—to give the client a great product and do it the right way. There is such a family feel here. There is no better feeling than getting up in the morning and enjoying coming to work.”

– Chad Thomas,  Project Manager

“ I appreciate Crain for providing an excellent product in an honorable way. I think this makes Crain successful and a stand-out firm for clients and employees.”

– Lora Markem, Project Engineer

“Crain truly prioritizes their employees and fosters a sense of family within the company. The supportive work environment not only enhances job satisfaction but also fosters personal and professional growth.”

– Don Duong, Assistant Project Manager

“Crain offers a great family environment. If you need something, someone is always there and willing to drop whatever they’re doing to help. I feel supported all the time.”

– Hannah Fitzpatrick, Project Engineer

“The team at Crain aren’t just my co-workers—they are my friends. We all get along like a big family, and we treat our clients like family, too.”

– James Williams, Project Manager

“I’ve worked for some big companies where you’re absolutely just a number, and there’s no good feeling there. I feel welcome here at Crain and part of the company, and that keeps me going every day. I’m just very happy where I’m at with Crain, and I intend for this to be the last job I have until I retire.”

– JR Howell, Superintendent

“Crain is a great place to work because of the family culture. We have a low turnover rate, evidenced by the number of past loyal employees who have exceeded even my current years of service.”

– Jim Pedigo, CFO 

“It may sound kind of cliche, but it is like family here. There are a lot of friendships and camaraderie. It’s just a good feeling working with a group like this where everyone is pointing in the same direction and working towards the same goal.”

– Mike Gribble, VP of Operations

What Makes Crain’s Culture So Unique? 

The construction industry has not always been known for having great work environments. However, Crain Construction is committed to changing that paradigm. Our mission isn’t just about building solid structures. We’re also committed to building relationships — with internal team members and external stakeholders — that last a lifetime.

As we’ve highlighted in the feedback from our team members, here are a few distinct characteristics of our culture at Crain:

We recognize our company culture creates ripple effects that impact every project.

After 90 years in the industry, we’ve seen how investing in culture makes a tangible difference in the way our team shows up for work each day. That’s why we’ve intentionally worked to create a culture where everyone is approachable and willing to help one another. 

We take care of our employees, which results in industry-leading employee retention rates. 

For years, Crain has maintained one of the highest employee retention rates in the industry. Many of our employees have worked here for decades. Our entire leadership team has worked together for over 20 years.

Our leadership team, supers, and project managers lead in a way that cultivates each team member’s strengths

Team Dedication is one of our core values that shape the way we approach every project—where everyone feels valued, empowered, and respected. We want to know everyone’s strengths, professional goals, and life aspirations. Our executive team deliberately creates opportunities for employees to exercise their strengths and grow professionally. 

We’ve made “work-life harmony” a strategic priority for our entire firm

At Crain, work-life harmony isn’t just a platitude—our leadership has made it a specific focus area in our planning efforts for the future. We are committed to spending time and resources to invest in the overall well-being of our employees. 

We’ve built a well-rounded team with expertise in a variety of industry-related roles.

From finance specialists to project engineers and pre-construction managers, every project we complete relies on a team of diverse professionals who use their passion and experience to deliver an exceptional experience for our clients.    

We’re committed to developing every employee and investing in the next generation of construction talent. 

We’ve found that the most effective way to create a meaningful impact, whether it’s building a hotel or a team, is to take the long view. That’s why our leadership team has developed a proactive approach that is committed to finding and investing in the next generation of construction talent

We foster an environment where employees feel supported and loved.

At Crain, we believe that strong connections are essential for employee well-being. We don’t just value employees for their skills, experience, and dedication. We genuinely care about them as people, and we want our team members to feel supported, valued, and empowered. 


Interested in Working at Crain?

Our culture of teamwork, support, and genuine care for our people make Crain a really special place. That’s why so many of our employees love working here. 

If you want to find out more about what it’s like to work here, check out our Employee Spotlights. And if you’re looking for a job in construction, you can explore our current commercial construction job openings.

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