Spotlight: An Interview with Brian Hopwood, Superintendent at Crain Construction

A professional portrait of Brian Hopwood, Superintendent at Crain Construction

At Crain, we’ve worked hard to build a reputation for genuinely caring about the well-being of our employees and passing along wisdom and knowledge to help others grow. These are the core values that inform the way we work at Crain, and Brian Hopwood embodies these characteristics well.

Brian’s unwavering dedication to the team, experience, and commitment to living out Crain Construction’s core values have made him an invaluable member of our team and a true testament to our company’s success. Brian’s journey with Crain Construction began over 25 years ago. His introduction to the company was unique.

“My next-door neighbor Jim Ballard was a superintendent at Crain at the time. I decided to take a job as a part-time laborer to pay for my education.” 

What started as a part-time gig soon evolved into a full-time commitment, and Brian has been an integral part of the Crain family ever since. Because of Crain’s track record of retaining dedicated employees, Brian has had the privilege of working alongside many of our team members for decades, even contributing to the development of our executive leadership team.

Reflecting on his journey, Brian shared a memorable story about one of his earliest experiences at Crain.

“I’ll never forget the experience of working with a new team member. We were working to drive rebar into asphalt for barricades; I was holding the rebar while the new hire swung the sledgehammer. After a few near misses, I decided it would be safer for both of us if we hammered together. The funny part is that this individual is now the president of our company.”

Brian’s commitment to mentoring and investing in the team has remained unwavering throughout his tenure. He has played a pivotal role in establishing best practices for each project, imparting timeless construction principles that have helped shape Crain Construction

Navigating a Changing Construction Landscape

As a Superintendent, Brian has been an essential figure in numerous projects during his tenure at Crain Construction. He’s played an integral role in managing the day-to-day operations for projects, including the TownePlace Suites in downtown Nashville and the Verizon Wireless Substation, which is in the final stages of development. 

Like many long-standing Crain employees, Brian has witnessed the remarkable growth and transformation in Nashville’s commercial construction landscape. As he discussed the challenges of navigating Nashville’s construction boom, he explained some of the complexities of working on larger projects.

“One of the most challenging parts is the logistics of not having any space on job sites. The opportunity to build 14-story buildings was a great experience.” 

Amidst these changes in our city and the evolving construction industry, it is Crain’s core values that resonate most with Brian and keep him motivated.

“I enjoy the family aspect and ethical behavior of all, doing the right thing no matter what,” he said.

With decades of experience and hundreds of projects under his belt, Brian’s positive outlook continues to shine through every single day, making a tangible difference in the lives of everyone involved in a project. Brian shared his perspective on embracing each day’s challenges. 

“My experience has taught me that you are never in control, no matter how hard you try. You can have the best plan in the world, and a problem will come up. Embrace these challenges—you’ve been given an opportunity. There are no such things as problems, only solutions. There is only ONE who’s in control, so enjoy the day.”

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