9 Memorable Projects and Moments from 2022

An aerial view during the construction of the BNA Hilton in Nashville, Tennessee

2022 was a memorable and momentous year for our team at Crain Construction. While there have been noteworthy milestones in our company’s history, we can honestly say that this year has been one of the best. 

As we look toward 2023 and our 90th anniversary, we are excited about the opportunities and potential for our city of Nashville and the other communities we serve. But before we turn the calendar, we also believe it’s important to reflect and celebrate all of the meaningful moments and highlights from the past year. As we approach our ninth decade in the industry, we figured we would share our top nine moments from the past year.

9 Memorable Projects and Moments from 2022

We asked our team to share a few of their favorite projects and moments from 2022. Here are a few of their responses:  

1. Completing the Prancing Horse of Nashville — Ferrari Dealership

Earlier this year, we finalized construction on Nashville’s Ferrari Dealership. It was an honor to work on a project that is highly recognizable and associated with an internationally known luxury brand. The sleek building is fitting for the luxury retailer and the structure became an extension of the brand’s experience. 

Beyond that, we are proud of the incredible work our team put in to pull off such an amazing project. The effort that project manager Jeff Kurzhal and the rest of the team put into coordinating the thousands of logistical details was a milestone achievement. From sourcing materials from all over the world to navigating the challenge of proximity to the airport, the entire team delivered on this project. 

“In many ways, it felt like we were building a museum where the cars are the art. That’s something I’ll always be proud to remember.” – Jeff Kurzhal, Project Manager

2. Continuing Construction on BNA Renovations and the Hilton Hotel

After breaking ground on renovations and the new Hilton Hotel at Nashville International Airport in 2021, our team continued to make significant progress on this high-profile project. This project required a team effort, including valuable planning and insights from our pre-con department. As we continued work on the 292-room hotel and four-level terminal garage, our team worked closely with Charter Construction for the concrete framing. 

“Navigating all of the airport traffic and zero room for laydown and material storage — all of these are obstacles that we’re working to overcome. But I’m very optimistic because I’m working alongside the best team in the business.” – Alex Ward, Superintendent  

Another aspect that makes this project memorable is working with Chartwell Hospitality as a repeat client. We look forward to sharing more updates as we continue to work towards a slated completion in 2024.

3. Being Selected as the Contractor for the Crestmoor at Green Hills 

In October, our team broke ground and began demolition for The Crestmoor, a Green Hills senior living services building. We are honored and excited to partner with Bridgewood Property Company for their first project in Nashville

Being selected as the lead contractor was a big win for our team and required a lot of effort from our pre-construction team. 

“Most of my work for 2022 focused on the Crestmoor project. It’s rewarding to see it progress through each of the stages of pre-construction.” – Justin Stephenson, Pre-Construction Manager 

The project is also a significant milestone for our company as it officially became the largest project in our 90-year history.  

4. Partnering with Loden Vision for their Music City Surgery Center

As a company that takes pride in the relationships we cultivate with project owners, it’s always an honor to work with repeat clients on new endeavors. That is definitely the case for our partnership with Dr. Jim Loden as we finalized construction on their 45,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art capital office in Goodlettsville. 

“Dr. Loden and the entire team were easy to work with and valued our participation in the project.” – Mark Rankin, Vice President  

5. Navigating Industry Challenges with Pre-Construction and Project Management Work 

Some meaningful moments occur on a single day. Others are built over months or years. As Nashville continued to grow, we helped clients find innovative ways to navigate the rising commercial construction costs. During a time when the commercial construction industry faced unprecedented challenges, our team found creative solutions to shipping delays and supply chain issues. Our entire team navigated unprecedented times with integrity and creativity to address labor shortages and material price escalations.

6. Expanding Our Experience and Knowledge with New Projects (Verizon Build-Out)

We love the opportunity to take on new challenges and work on projects that allow us to learn from subcontractors in specific industries. As our team wraps up the Verizon build-out, it’s worth celebrating all of the hard work and dedication that went into the project. 

“The Verizon build-out is not the typical cookie-cutter project. I love the challenge and learning new systems this project brings, such as installing the generator, batteries, and heavy gear required for their equipment.” Chad Thomas, Project Manager

7. Working with Subcontractors on the Job Site Every Day

At Crain, we don’t have to be the smartest person in the room, but we always want to know who that is. We were reminded of that numerous times throughout the year as we worked alongside our incredible subcontractors for various projects. They show up every single day with a commitment to using their expertise for the greater good. These countless interactions make a tremendous difference in the overall life of a project. 

“I’m grateful for our partnership with subcontractors like Charter Construction. Just one example is the translator they provided for the weekly safety meetings. He gave a safety speech that was very inspirational.” –  David Bean, Safety Manager 

8. Enjoying Time Together and Adding New Team Members to the Crain Family

We began as a family-owned company, and we’ve continued that commitment to the family through our company culture. 2022 felt like a year where we could enjoy gathering together again after the pandemic. 

“The company picnic at The Sounds was an experience from 2022 that I won’t forget. It was really fun to see everyone’s family and all be together.” – Julie Lamb, Director of Human Resources. 

We’re also excited to add several new team members to the Crain family. We look forward to the talented people who will join our team in the future.

9. Recognizing Michael Rankin as one of Nashville’s Most Admired CEOs

While he is the last to seek recognition, it would be a miss to forget the fact that Michael Rankin was named one of Nashville’s most admired CEOs by the Nashville Business Journal. Michael has led our team through numerous challenges with dedication, care, and humility in his 30+ years at Crain Construction. He embodies our values of people over profit and relationships over revenue — and we’re glad his dedication to our team was recognized. 

We’re incredibly grateful for all of the employees, subcontractors, architects, city officials, and clients who made 2022 such an incredible year. 

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