Client Spotlight: Loden Vision

Loden Vision Centers Outside

As an eye surgeon, Dr. Jim Loden doesn’t have the luxury of trial and error. He has to get it right the first time for the sake of his patients. When it came time for Dr. Loden to expand his practice, he had to choose a general contractor whose attention to detail would match his own. When he met the leadership at Crain Construction, Dr. Loden stopped his search and began his partnership with Crain. It’s been over seven years since Dr. Loden made that initial decision, and it’s been a productive partnership for all involved. 

In 2014, Loden Vision Center was leasing a small strip mall office that they’d been in for about 15 years. The building was outdated and run down, and Loden Vision had grown far beyond the capacity of the building to house them. It was time for a big change. Dr. Loden decided to expand and build three new Loden Vision Center offices. 

“We were wanting to partner with a company that could do it right the first time and not slow our progress down. The folks at Crain came across as super honest. In the conversations we had, they told us what they could do but also told us what they could not do, which is very important as well. I didn’t feel like we were getting overpromised.”

And Crain delivered. Crain built Loden Vision a 45,000-square-foot facility to serve as the capitol office in Goodlettsville and then completed new offices in Gallatin and Smyrna. Dr. Loden said when they ran into supply chain issues, through no fault of the construction company, the Crain team came up with creative solutions that ended up saving Dr. Loden time and money on the projects. 

“Time is money. Everybody knows that there are a lot of hold-ups on getting things in place. But Crain was just willing to think outside of the box to take care of us and get the project across the finish line in a timely fashion. That’s one of the big reasons why I’d use Crain again.”

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