5 Pre-Construction Questions to Maximize the Success of Your Next Project

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Every owner and developer wants their construction project to go as smoothly as possible. But to have a successful construction process, steps must be taken before construction begins. At Crain, part of our role is to help set a project up for success before the first shovel ever hits the ground. Pre-construction plays a valuable role in achieving that goal.

Pre-construction builds a solid foundation for projects through a collaborative and communicative process. It invites the owner, design team, and general contractor to work together to determine the best use of money and resources. It also provides an opportunity to solve potential issues before construction begins.

At Crain, our pre-construction team works closely with clients, architects, engineers, and our project managers to maximize the success of a project. In essence, they work to make sure everyone is aligned toward the same goal. In order to do that, they address potential issues and identify new opportunities to increase efficiencies and maximize the ROI of a project. 


5 Pre-Construction Questions to Maximize the Success of Your Next Project

While each project is unique, certain pre-construction questions apply to every new build or renovation. Here are just a few of the questions our pre-construction team works to understand in the early stages of a project: 

1. What is the overall scope of your project?

The first objective of pre-construction planning is to clearly define the overall scope of a project. This helps the pre-construction team understand your overall vision and goals for the project. Defining the overall scope can be accomplished by answering questions such as:

  • What are you trying to accomplish with your building?
  • What are the site and size requirements of your project?
  • Is there potential for future additions?
  • What do you want customers to feel when they come to your space?
  • When does the project need to be completed?

Questions like these provide the general contractor and architect with a clear understanding of what you want to accomplish with your project.

2. What are your budget requirements?

It’s important to ensure your project stays within budget. But it can be hard to guess the total price of a construction project without input from general contractors and design teams. Budgeting is an essential component of pre-construction planning because it can provide you with cost estimates that can better inform your budget. During the pre-construction phase, we often work with our clients to find innovative ways to navigate rising commercial construction costs and meet expectations without overspending.  

3. Are there any complex engineering issues that could derail the project?

In addition to finding ways to add value to a project, our pre-construction team also works to make sure there aren’t any additional issues that could add time or complexity to the project. This could include anything from site challenges to current code restrictions. For renovation projects, this could include an assessment of the building’s structural integrity and utility systems to assess if any updates are required.

4. What materials are preferred and how will they be procured? 

Supply chain issues and material shortages have created significant challenges for the commercial construction industry in recent years. Pre-construction can help overcome these potential roadblocks by developing a plan to procure materials and avoid delays.  

Our pre-construction team knows what material shortages could impact a project. They also consider long-lead items that may cause potential delays in a commercial construction schedule. These insights help clients acquire the most cost-effective building materials for a project. 

5. What are your preferences and expectations around communication?

The relationship between owners and contractors is one of the most important factors in a commercial construction project. Communication plays a key role in that relationship. One of the most helpful things our team can do during pre-construction is to ensure we’re working as an extension of your team. This means taking time to solidify a communication plan that works best for everyone. We also want to provide necessary reporting such as cash flow projections, monthly project status reports, revision logs, meeting minutes, and variance reports.


Set Your Next Project Up for Success

Crain prides itself on guiding clients throughout the entire construction project. Our unique approach is just one of the things that make us one of Nashville’s leading commercial construction contractors. Whether it’s collaborating with clients at the beginning of a project or helping them with issues after we’ve handed over the keys, we’re committed to providing an exceptional experience for all of our clients.  

Want to learn more about our pre-construction process or have questions about your next project? Reach out to our team today.

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