8 Best Practices in Hospitality Construction

Crane Building a high rise building in Nashville

Constructing a hotel or any other type of hospitality facility is a unique and complex undertaking. From navigating strict regulations and standards to balancing design and functionality, the challenges of hospitality construction have increased significantly over the past decade. Furthermore, the fast-paced nature of the industry means that deadlines are tight and budgets are constrained. […]

Why Partnering with a Local Construction Company in Nashville Matters

Nashville construction site

As a Nashville-based construction company, we’ve had the privilege of completing thousands of commercial construction projects over the years. Whether it’s renovating Acme Feed & Seed, transforming the Mall at Green Hills, constructing a high-rise in Midtown, or building the newest Ferrari dealership, it brings us a sense of pride to drive around and see […]

Client Spotlight: Southeast Venture, LLC

Southeast Venture, LLC’s history echoes and mirrors Crain’s history in several ways. These similarities are also what make them excellent partners. Both companies are Nashville institutions. Southeast Venture started in 1981, while Crain established operations in 1933.  When Southeast Venture launched, Crain Construction’s Charles Gill worked with J.E. Crain to fund, plan, and build several […]

What Every Commercial Developer Should Know About Building in Nashville

Crain Construction is a local commercial construction firm with 90 years of history. Because of that history, we’re not surprised that Nashville has become one of the most popular cities in the country for commercial development. Nashville is a great place to be, and this has resulted in tremendous growth. Our city’s diverse economy, low […]

9 of Our Most Memorable Projects from the Past 90 Years

2023 marks our 90th year as a construction company in Nashville. To honor the occasion, and the hundreds of men and women who played a role in helping our company achieve such a milestone, we wanted to highlight a few of our most memorable projects.  As we look back —and recall the thousands of projects […]

5 Keys to Early Cost Estimating in Commercial Pre-Construction

Staying within budget is one of the most important factors in any commercial construction project. There are many decisions to be made throughout the construction process, and an accurate estimate is essential to ensure that the overarching plan for your project is sound. The pre-construction phase helps build a solid foundation for commercial construction, especially […]

How to Navigate Seasonal Challenges in Commercial Construction

Navigating seasonal challenges in commercial construction is an essential aspect of hitting key milestones and maximizing the success of a project. While living in the southeast offers the incredible benefit of enjoying all four seasons, it also means that general contractors need to understand how various weather conditions can impact a job site. From managing […]

Our Effective Framework for Commercial Construction Communication

Every commercial construction project consists of many different elements. These include different roles, tasks, meetings, details, and decisions throughout the course of the project. Clear and effective communication is key to ensuring all of these factors work together smoothly. On the flip side, poor communication is one of the prevailing issues that can derail a […]

7 Issues that Can Derail a Commercial Construction Project

A commercial construction project functions like an ecosystem. There are hundreds of individual components, individuals, and decisions that can affect each part of the process. If something goes awry, such as long lead times or unexpected delays, the overall timeline can be impacted. While project delays can stem from a wide variety of root causes, […]

5 Timeless Construction Principles We’ve Used Over the Past 90 Years


2023 is an exciting year for our team at Crain as we celebrate our 90th year as a commercial construction firm in Nashville. Over the decades, the Crain name has been known for a commitment to quality, integrity, and doing business in a way that puts relationships first. While our focus has shifted from building […]