3 Keys to a Successful Relationship Between Architects and Contractors

Jim Ballard with Aertson model-min

If there’s one thing we’ve learned after nearly 90 years of construction experience, it’s that relationships matter. This is especially true of the relationship between an architect and a general contractor.  A positive relationship between architect and contractor can help the construction project flow smoothly from start to finish. When contractors and architects work collaboratively […]

Client Spotlight: D1 Training Facility – Spring Hill

wide shot D1 Training Facility - Spring Hill

When Gary Fischer became passionate about training and coaching, he was excited to share that passion with his community. He knew the D1 program would be the perfect addition to Spring Hill, Tennessee, as he believed in its training philosophy. The D1 training program, backed by sports science, focuses on the body as a unit […]

Client Spotlight: Loden Vision

Loden Vision Centers Outside

As an eye surgeon, Dr. Jim Loden doesn’t have the luxury of trial and error. He has to get it right the first time for the sake of his patients. When it came time for Dr. Loden to expand his practice, he had to choose a general contractor whose attention to detail would match his […]

Innovative Ways to Navigate Rising Commercial Construction Costs

Two crain construction workers looking at a project

The commercial construction industry is experiencing a perfect storm of factors that have spurred rising costs. First, there was the COVID-19 pandemic and the labor challenges and shortages it created. Next, supply chain disruptions during a time of unprecedented demand increased commercial construction costs and cut profit margins worldwide. Inflation has become the most recent […]

Lessons Learned from Decades of Commercial Construction Experience in Nashville

J.E. Crain & Son General Contractors sign

The Nashville skyline has changed dramatically in recent years as the city has grown both commercially and residentially. When Crain Construction began as a family-owned business back in 1933, the main city post office (now home to The Frist Center) was just being completed on Broadway. Nearly 90 years later, our team at Crain Construction […]

Pre-Construction: How We Build a Solid Foundation for Projects

Builders looking over construction plan

Construction is a complex business. There are hundreds of factors that impact whether or not your project is a success. In the past, these factors were primarily decided during the planning and design phases and given to contractors to complete. However, these plans were often designed over budget or didn’t take into account constructability factors […]

3 Ways We Create Strong, Reliable Relationships with Subcontractors

Subcontractors building a food Bank

Crain Construction was built on a foundation of doing business differently. For four generations, we’ve put relationships first. That value spans every area of our business — from employees to clients. Our relationship with subcontractors is a core pillar that supports the reputation we’ve built, the projects we’ve constructed, and the trust we’ve developed with […]

4 Keys to an Effective Urban Development Construction Project

Acme Farm Supply

Over the past ten years, cities like Nashville have been the site of unprecedented levels of new urban development construction projects. New construction is always exciting, but it also produces new challenges for stakeholders, real estate investors, and commercial construction professionals to navigate.  At Crain, we’ve embraced this growth as an opportunity to lean in, […]

What Makes a Sustainable Construction Project?

Turnip Truck

Sustainability has become an increasingly important and popular topic in commercial construction, especially in urban development. It comes up in nearly every new project conversation we have as a general contractor. We consistently hear from owners and developers who are looking for ways to reduce waste and lessen their environmental impact.   As we collaborate with […]

Navigating Nashville’s Commercial Construction Growth: Technology & Trends

Nashville Commercial Construction

After being recognized as the next big “IT city” by the New York Times nearly a decade ago, Nashville has experienced monumental growth commercially and residentially. Large companies such as Oracle and Amazon have built a major presence in the city, and both small and mid-size businesses have launched hundreds of commercial construction projects.  Last […]