90 Years of Giving Back: Crain’s Commitment to Community Involvement

Crain Construction was founded on the principles of people over profits and community over competition. This commitment to serving others is evident in everything we do, from our relationships with clients to our giving back to the community. As we celebrate our 90th anniversary in Nashville, we’re proud to recognize our philanthropic culture and the meaningful impacts our team members have made over the years.

Community Involvement That Makes a Difference: The Crain Way

Here are a few principles that have shaped our approach to generosity and community involvement over the years:

We empower employees to give back in ways that matter to them.

While giving back is in our DNA, it has never been a top-down directive. We believe that giving back is most effective when team members are passionate about the cause. While our leadership supports community involvement, we give our employees the power to decide what organizations to support and when and how to volunteer their time, treasure, or talent. And to help us determine what company-wide initiatives we want to pursue, we’ve built a committee of employees from all company levels to decide how best to allocate our resources in the community. 

We harness our construction expertise for community impact.

We’re also grateful for the opportunity to use our construction expertise to make a real difference in our community. That’s why we partner with organizations like Rebuilding Together to repair and build homes for those in need. 

We want everyone on our team to feel they can make a meaningful contribution regardless of their role or experience level. That’s why we ensure that our community service projects are accessible to everyone. Earlier this year, our field team spent a day assembling bikes for kids in the Crossbridge Program as a reward for participating in summer reading programs. Giving back together as a team helped us build camaraderie and strengthen our company culture.

We foster a culture of shared giving and family involvement.

One thing that drives our choices for community involvement is the ability to give back or serve together. We love organizing events where employees and their families can volunteer together. We believe that shared experiences are the most powerful way to create lasting bonds — especially when we can teach our kids the value of helping others. As a family-run business, we value few things more than connecting with each other’s families and building a sense of community beyond the workplace.

Highlighting Our Favorite Moments of Giving Back

Our leaders have cultivated a culture of caring for others and giving at Crain for many years. We’re grateful that our employees have served the community financially and physically. It’s hard to capture all of the meaningful moments, but here are a few highlights:

Investing in the future of construction professionals.

We’re passionate about supporting men and women as they’re beginning to forge a career path in commercial construction. That’s why we’ve made significant financial contributions to the commercial construction management programs at UT Knoxville and MTSU. 

Over the years, our employees have done more than simply offer financial support to young professionals. We’ve also served on several boards and committees to provide our real-world input on curriculum development and student preparation for joining the workforce. This experience has enriched our team by allowing us to make a meaningful impact on the next generation of construction leaders.

The small moments of serving alongside each other throughout the year. 

Giving back is more than a checkbox at Crain. It’s a way of life that we embrace every month of the year. The times we come together to give back to the Nashville community are always meaningful. Whether it’s partnering with One Generation Away, Second Harvest, the American Heart Association, or any number of other organizations—these events are more than just opportunities to check off our calendars. They’re mosaics of shared experiences, laughter, and genuine connections. We have a treasure trove of unforgettable moments, each a testament to the power of serving side by side.

Transforming lives and celebrating with our neighbors.

Being involved in the Nashville community has also provided us with the opportunity to help neighbors in need. We’ve built heartwarming memories as we’ve used our vocational experience and expertise to assist families with home improvement projects. When we witness the joy on their faces as they receive a new roof or kitchen, we know we’re making a tangible difference in the life of a family just like ours. We gain more from these experiences than we could have imagined. It’s not just about serving others. It’s about the shared humanity and the bonds we forge through the act of giving.

Building Upon Our Legacy

As we enter our 10th decade, we’re excited to continue our commitment to giving back to our city and the world. We’re constantly looking for new ways to make a difference, and we’re grateful for the passionate team members who are always willing to link arms and lift others up.

We invite you to explore our connection to the community or learn more about what it’s like to work at Crain Construction.

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