The Human Side of Construction: Questions to Assess a Commercial Contractor’s Team Dynamics

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Quality craftsmanship and meticulous project management are often praised as the pillars of success in commercial construction. While these elements are undeniably essential, they exist within a complex ecosystem fueled by something equally crucial: human connection. —

At Crain Construction, we understand this human element better than most. For over 90 years, we’ve “built relationships and structures to last a lifetime.” This extends beyond the bricks and mortar, fostering true partnerships with project owners, architects, trade partners, and everyone involved. We understand that solid team dynamics, effective communication, and a commitment to fostering a positive work environment are not just buzzwords but the very foundation upon which lasting partnerships and quality structures are built. 

We also recognize that identifying team dynamics during the bidding process can feel like deciphering a secret code. How can you truly gauge the human side of a prospective contractor beyond polished presentations and impressive resumes? The answer lies in asking the right questions. 

Questions to Assess Team Dynamics

Here are some questions you can incorporate into conversations as you’re exploring the team dynamics of a commercial construction firm. 

1. Describe your team’s structure and roles. How do these roles work together on a project? 

Understanding the contractor’s team structure and roles is the first step in assessing team dynamics. This question delves into the organization’s hierarchy, specialization, and allocation of responsibilities. A well-organized team with clearly defined roles contributes to efficient project management. Additionally, it provides insights into communication channels, decision-making processes, and potential bottlenecks that may affect the project’s progress.

2. What steps do you take to prevent and address conflict? Can you provide an example of a challenge your team faced and how it was successfully resolved?

Conflict is an inherent part of any construction project. How a team navigates and resolves conflicts can significantly impact the project’s success. Inquiring about conflict resolution strategies provides an understanding of the contractor’s ability to maintain a positive working environment amidst challenges that could derail a project. Real-life examples offer insights into problem-solving skills, adaptability, and commitment to fostering a collaborative atmosphere.

3. What communication tools and methods does your team use to ensure effective collaboration?

Effective communication is the backbone of successful project outcomes. Inquiring about the tools and methods a contractor’s team uses can provide valuable insights into their commitment to clear and transparent communication. Whether through project management software, regular meetings, or innovative digital platforms, understanding their communication practices may help you determine how they work together to address potential issues.

4. How do you ensure seamless integration and coordination between your team, architects, engineers, and other stakeholders?

A successful construction project requires collaboration and coordination between various stakeholders. Asking about how a contractor works with architects, engineers, and other stakeholders provides insights into their ability to facilitate effective teamwork. The ability to navigate complex relationships and dependencies can significantly affect the conception and implementation of a major project. You deserve to know what tools, strategies, and techniques the firm will use to facilitate their work with others.    

5. Can you share an example of a time when your team faced a challenge on a project? How did you overcome it? 

This question focuses on the contractor’s problem-solving skills and adaptability. By sharing an example of a challenging situation, the contractor provides a glimpse into their approach to overcoming obstacles. Whether it’s a logistical issue, unexpected changes, or other hurdles, understanding their past experiences can help you gauge their readiness to tackle challenges that may arise during your project.

Building Together, One Relationship at a Time

At Crain Construction, we believe the human element is the bedrock of exceptional project outcomes. We meticulously select our team members and value open dialogue with our partners, weaving trust and respect into the fabric of every project.

If you’re seeking a commercial contractor who believes in the power of strong relationships and a collaborative spirit, we’d love to connect. Our team thrives on building partnerships that extend beyond the project timeline, creating lasting connections that stand the test of time.

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