About This Project

Crain Construction started this Tencarva Machinery Company project with good ground stabilization and a strong foundation.

Weak soil with unsuitable material was discovered during site preparation for a new 23,000-square-foot building to house Tencarva’s office, training, warehouse and service space. Crain’s solution was to install 200 rammed aggregated piers on the two-acre redevelopment site, providing a quicker and more economical solution for soil stabilization in Tennessee’s limestone.

Crain built the warehouse and service area that is a repair facility for the firm’s municipal and industrial customers and includes two, five-ton overhead cranes and multiple column mounted jib cranes for lifting and to assure worker safety. It also has a filtered “clean room” for bearing frame assembly.

In the service area, Crain also built a test pit that is 14 feet by 23 feet by 8 feet deep with a 12-inch diameter pipe test loop and includes a flow meter and electrical testing equipment. This pit enables Tencarva to test horizontal, vertical and submersible pumps up to 300 horsepower at 460 volts and 150 horsepower at 230 volts.


Industrial / Warehouse