How “Doing the Right Thing” Impacts Our Construction Projects

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Our mission is to build relationships and structures that last a lifetime. We believe the only way that’s possible is to approach our work with integrity, honesty, and responsibility. These values are more than just statements written on a wall or in an employee handbook. Our values inform the way we approach every project — from the way we submit a bid to deciding the final details of construction projects.

One of our core values is a relentless commitment to “doing the right thing.” Every construction project requires dozens of meetings, hundreds of decisions, and thousands of logistical details. Each of these interactions is an opportunity to put our values into practice. 


How “Doing the Right Thing” Impacts Our Construction Projects

Here are three specific ways that “doing the right thing” impacts the way we approach our projects: 

1. We approach every project with an empathic mindset. 

One of the keys to working for the good of another is to put yourself in their shoes. When we’re kicking off a project or working through construction details with an architect or subcontractor, we try to consider what we can do to set them up for success. Part of our role is to consider all the perspectives to find the best path forward. 

This is a mindset we adopt across our team from pre-construction to post-construction. Our pre-con team works to bring innovative ideas that could save some money or solve problems in advance. Our project managers and superintendents are constantly asking, “What would our client want to know right now? What do our subs need to know to use their time effectively on a build site?”

2. We own our mistakes and proactively work to correct them. 

Construction is hard. There will be unexpected challenges or mistakes in every project. While our team works hard to avoid missteps and develop backup plans, we also take responsibility for outcomes, even when it costs us. 

Whenever there is an issue or potential roadblock, we quickly bring it to the client’s attention and provide possible solutions to address it. We do everything we can to take care of the relationship, even when there are variables outside of our control. For example, if we run into a delay or a code-related issue, we own it. We never shirk responsibility, and we always remain solution-focused. 

3. We make the extra effort to exceed client expectations.

We believe that trust is earned. That’s why our team always goes the extra mile for our clients. When faced with adversity, we put our heads together to brainstorm ideas and overcome obstacles. One of the things our team excels at is finding creative solutions to the unexpected challenges of a project.  


A Company Built on Dependability & Trust 

If there’s one lesson we’ve learned from decades of commercial construction experience in Nashville, it’s that we’ve never regretted doing the right thing. We believe this commitment to dependability has earned the trust of our clients. It’s just one of the reasons that 85% of our work is from repeat clients.  

If you’re interested in learning more about our approach or how we can help with your next project, we’d love to talk.

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