Client Spotlight: D1 Training Facility – Spring Hill

Wide shot of the turf field inside a D1 Training Facility in Spring Hill

When Gary Fischer became passionate about training and coaching, he was excited to share that passion with his community. He knew the D1 program would be the perfect addition to Spring Hill, Tennessee, as he believed in its training philosophy. The D1 training program, backed by sports science, focuses on the body as a unit and utilizes the proven techniques of some of the world’s best athletes. Crain Construction was excited to help Fischer make his dreams a reality. 

With experience building large-scale training facilities, and having already built a D1 Training facility, the Crain Construction team was confident that we could go above and beyond the client’s expectations. We fully understood the overall goal and vision for the project and focused on frequent communication with all parties involved, ensuring that the owner, developer, and architect were all in alignment. This job was a highlight for our team, and we’re thankful for the opportunity to help Fischer and his team add such value to the Spring Hill area.

Project highlights: 

  • This is the second D1 Training facility Crain Construction has built. 
  • The Crain team frequently communicated between the owner, developer, and architect to ensure that every element of the project aligned with the project goals. This included weekly status meetings, during which Crain could address any questions.
  • The owner of this D1 Training facility was very satisfied with the smooth process and timeline.

See what
the Williamson Herald and the Williamson Source had to say about this new gym location.

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