Executive Spotlight: An Interview with Mike Gribble, Vice President of Operations at Crain Construction

Mike Gribble

We’ve all heard the question: “Do you see the glass half empty or half full?” Mike Gribble would probably say he’s just happy to have the glass. As Vice President of Operations at Crain Construction, Mike’s unique perspective serves him well in an ever-changing industry and makes him an integral part of the leadership team. His days consist of troubleshooting people and projects, motivating team members, and aligning resources to ensure every job gets done.  

“You have to motivate people in this business, and that’s a big part of my job because I want everyone to be successful. Successful people are easy to manage, and successful projects are easy to sell.”

Since joining Crain in 1998, Mike has helped foster the company’s culture, which is built on putting people first over profit.

“The number one thing we try to do at Crain is just do the right thing. It isn’t always the easiest thing to do but it sure makes it easier to go to sleep at night, look people in the eye, and continue to work with them.”

Mike comes by his natural coaching abilities honestly. He’s spent countless hours at the ballpark as a youth baseball coach, eventually coaching his own kids who are now in their twenties. Lucky for Mike and his wife of 30 years, Lori, their kids both remain close to home in Nashville. 

As a Nashville native, Mike has watched the city he loves experience incredible growth and has played a major role in helping the city take shape. Getting to do it all with family by his side makes the view even sweeter. 

“It may sound kind of cliche, but it is like family here. There are a lot of friendships, a lot of camaraderie. It’s just a good feeling working with a group like this where everyone is pointing in the same direction and working towards the same goal. When you’re on a solid team, there’s nothing more fun! You’re winning, competing, it’s just a good feeling.”

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