NASHVILLE, Tenn.Crain Construction partnered with Rebuilding Together Nashville to make needed kitchen upgrades and landscaping improvements for a Woodbine community homeowner.

It was a rewarding experience for Crain volunteers and an empowering weekend for homeowner Luma. She painted walls, learned how to caulk and used power tools – things women are not permitted to do in the culture she was raised.

Luma was 22 years old when her family fled persecution in Iraq to move to the United States with the hope of a better life.Today, she is an Arabic translator, helping families in Nashville navigate the healthcare and education systems. She is also a single mom raising two kids.

Her limited income hasn’t allowed her to make some of the costly repairs to the South Nashville house she purchased in 2011. She was overwhelmed by the help provided by Crain Construction and Rebuilding Together Nashville, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that restores, rebuilds and provides critical repairs at homes of low-income residents.

“I was crying this morning I was so happy, so grateful for them,” said Luma gesturing to the crew working in her small kitchen.

A dozen volunteers from Crain Construction arrived in the morning and spent the day installing new flooring in the hall closet, replacing sagging kitchen sub-flooring, ripping out and replacing the range hood, kitchen cabinets and countertops. They also installed a new water heater donated by Merryman-Farr Mechanical Contractors.

While volunteers worked on the kitchen upgrades and closet repair, Luma prepped her daughter’s bedroom walls for a coat of lavender paint.

“Luma pitched right in,” said Lizabeth Theiss, vice president of business development and one of the Crain Construction volunteers. “She finished painting her daughter’s room that first night so we were able to focus on other rooms the second day.”

In the front yard, several Crain Construction team members built two raised garden beds. This is where Luma will plant black-eyed peas, a produce she loves growing at home and selling in the community to supplement her income.

“Luma was so appreciative of the volunteers and the help,” said Kaitlin Dastugue, executive directorof Rebuilding Together Nashville. “It was really wonderful to see her self confidence blossom as she worked with us.”

This was one of several critical repair projects Crain Construction has completed with Rebuilding Together Nashville as part of the company’s ongoing efforts to give back to community.

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