NASHVILLE, Tenn.Crain Construction Inc. is excavating, pouring concrete and extending a tunnel to help Feintool Inc. prepare for a new arrival this fall.

Feintool, an international company that offers fineblanking and precision products for clients in the auto industry and others, is preparing for the arrival of a new 880-ton press for its manufacturing plant in south Nashville. The new, updated press will allow more flexibility and efficient manufacturing.

To accommodate the new machinery, Crain Construction is removing old press foundation and building a solid concrete pit to house the press base along with an extension of the underground scrap conveyer tunnel. It is the seventh project marking a relationship between Feintool Inc. and Crain Construction that dates back to 2007.

Crain Construction’s Chad Thomas has served as project manager on all those jobs, ranging from plant expansions to new press installations. Thomas recalls the first project was a 35,000-square-foot addition that expanded the plant and included building a press pit measuring 200 feet long, 30 feet wide and 18 feet deep to accommodate three 2,000-ton presses.

“It was a design/build project to expand the manufacturing facility while production continued with employees working three shifts 24/7,” said Thomas. “We met all the dates, communicated well and were very responsive. We value their relationship and trust in us and have aimed to deliver good customer service on all our jobs.”

Ongoing communication and coordination have been essential so plant activity is not affected during the construction. With only one large access door available for deliveries and trucks, coordinating with Feintool for cement pours has also been important.

“Crain knows our operation and our machinery,” said Dan Swiger, vice president and general manager of Feintool Inc. “They get projects done correctly, on time and with great communication.”

With temperature checks, masks on and other COVID-19 protocols in place, the Crain Construction crew is working on schedule to complete a home for that new Feintool arrival.

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